Residential Services

Advantage Air offers a comprehensive list of services to homeowners in Raleigh, Willow Springs, and nearby towns. Given Raleigh is prone to extremes of both heat and cold, we understand how vital it is to provide outstanding heating and cooling services to your home.

Tips for Homeowners

We want our Raleigh, NC neighbors to save money and stay comfortable. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you continue to enjoy top-notch performance from your heating and cooling systems.

Change Your Air Filters!

Clogged air filters are one of the most common causes of damage we see, and this damage is 100% preventable. Air filters keep your entire system clean, and a clean system is a system that continues to work exactly as it should.

  • Note: all air filters are not created equal. Some must be changed monthly. Some only need to be changed every six months. Read the directions on your air filter so that you know what to do, and mark your calendars accordingly.

  • Some systems have more than one filter. Ask your tech to help you get to know your system if you’re not sure where all the air filters are, or how to change them.

AC Repair

We know that any AC problem represents a true emergency during our hot, humid southern summers. Whether your AC is issuing a funny smell or failing to cool your home, the Advantage team is here to help.


Heating Repair

Raleigh gets super chilly during the winters, but you don’t have to worry about it if your heater has gone out. The Advantage team will respond quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your family and cocoa.


HVAC Systems

We offer total care for your entire HVAC system. We are familiar with every make and model. Don’t try to repair it yourself, call the professionals your neighbors have been relying on for nearly thirty years.


Get Your Annual Check-ups!

Yes! Annual check-ups are necessary to ensure the health of your AC and heater. When we check your AC we make sure you have enough Freon, check the wiring, check the compressor, and make sure your ducts are clean. When we check your heater we’re making sure nothing is blocked or leaking, that the system is properly ignited and lit, that the wiring is safe, and more. These are both safety checks and efficiency checks, and both check-ups can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. So how about it. Have you had your annual check-up yet?

Never, Ever Try DIY Repair!

While we respect you rugged DIY types, HVAC systems are both dangerous and touchy. They can and do explode if they are handled incorrectly. Our technicians receive extensive training, testing, and certification to learn how to handle these systems safely. You may not save any money by letting the pros handle it, but you might just save your life.

Fortunately, the team at Advantage Air does understand that the cost of HVAC repair is a big concern to all of the homeowners in Raleigh and Willow Springs. That’s why we offer flat rates and a satisfaction guarantee. You get top-notch service at a fair price, and we make sure you don’t end up with any surprises. That’s why our neighbors in Wake and Johnston Counties continue to trust us with their AC, heating, and HVAC repairs. We hope to grow the same sort of long-term relationship with you, too.