Residential Heating Repair Raleigh, NC

Outsiders don’t know how cold it can get in Raleigh, but locals like us know the truth. Those winters can be absolutely frigid. That’s why the team here at Advantage Air is here to make sure your heater continues to work properly throughout the colder months. We want you to feel like you’re making an informed decision when you call us, however. We gathered some of the most common questions we hear from our customers so we could put answers right at your very fingertips.

How Much Maintenance Does My Heater Need?

It’s important to schedule a heater check-up each and every fall. You’ll find the manufacturers of all heaters do recommend this, so we’re not just saying this to rack up the service calls!

The truth is, heaters are quite touchy. 75% of the time when we get a “we don’t have heat, please come now” call it’s from someone who did not get their annual check-up. Make sure you stay warm when you really need to by scheduling your check-up. It’s not that expensive (typically less than $100) and you’ll thank yourself later.

How Do I Know It’s Time To Replace My Heater?

Heaters have a lifespan of 17 to 20 years, so if your heater is older than 17 years we’ll generally start recommending a replacement. If something just goes horribly wrong on a younger heater to the point where it would cost less to replace it than it costs you to repair it, then we’ll tell you that too. Typically, however, repairs are the more cost-effective option on newer heating units.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Service Or Repair Call?

Our typical service call for a heater runs between $135 and $555. However, it really depends on what your heater’s specific issue is. One of the reasons we’re one of Raleigh’s most trusted heating repair companies, however, is because we offer flat rate pricing rather than steep hourly rate pricing that creates unpleasant surprises. Call us for an estimate—we’ll stick to it.

What Are Some Signs That My Heater Might Be In Trouble?

Skyrocketing heat bills can serve as a very reliable “early warning sign” that your heater is no longer functioning as efficiently as it should. If you hear strange noises your heater may be on the verge of a breakdown.

What Makes Advantage Air Raleigh’s Top Choice For Heat Repair?

We respond quickly to service calls because we don’t want our neighbors to be uncomfortable any longer than they have to be. When our technicians arrive you’ll find yourself being serviced by courteous, friendly expert professionals who really care about you and your family members. Finally, we’ve offered a 100% satisfaction guarantee for decades because we stand by our work and believe in the quality of the service we have to offer. We hope to become your trusted heat repair professionals for life, so we’re always going to treat you right.